BETA3 T1000

BETA3 T1000
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POWER BETA3 T-SERIES: T-1000 & T-3000
Features T-1000:
    • >> 3U rack mounting
    • >> Overheat,overload and short circuit protection
    • >> Innovative heat sink structure
    • >> Accurate signal amplifier,high S/N ratio
    • >> Operation mode switchable(Mone,Stereo,Bridge mono)
    • >> Amplification times switch(20 times/40 times/0.775V)
    • >> Ground switchable(Lift/Gnd)
    • >> Bridge LED indication
    • >> Power LED indication
    • >> Protection LED(LED will be active when overvoltage,ovrcurrent or overheat/failure)
    • >> Adopting soft clip process when overload
    • >> Speed of cooling fan is autmatic adujusted by power to get the best heat radiation
Output power:  
Stereo(W/Ch) 8ohm/4ohm 300W/450W
Bridged-Mono 8ohm/4ohm 1000W/1200W
Frequency Response: 20Hz-50KHz(+/-0.1)
Phase Response +/-5 degree from 20Hz-50KHz
Signal to noise ratio 105dB(A-weighted)at full output and 28 dB GAIN
Total harmonic distortion(THD) <0.03% from 20Hz-50KHz to 1KHz increasing linearly to 0.1% at 50KHz
Intermodulation distortion(IMD) <0.03% from 10mW to 300W,400W,550W,1000W at 28dB gain
Slew Rate >26V per microsecond
Damping factor >200 from 20Hz-400Hz
Load impedance ratied for 16,8,4,2ohm use. Safe with all types of loads,even reactive ones
Required AC mains 50Hz,220V-240V
AC line connector standard three-wire grounded connector
Net dimensions 485×445×130mm
Net weight 20Kg


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