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UHF Wireless System - US-8001D Receiver, PT-850B Belt Pack Transmitter and CX-504 Headset Microphone.

 US-8001D Receiver Features:

■ Preset 16 selectable UHF channels.
■ Single / Dual transmitter operation.
■ Diversity technology prevents dropouts in the RF link.
■ PLL synthesized technology.
■ Noise mute and pilot tone squelch.
■ Equipped with both XLR balanced and unbalanced outputs.
■ Tuned antennas maximize the effective range of the wireless link.
■ Compact half rack space design. 

PT-850B/PT-850Bmi Belt Pack Transmitter Features:

■ 16 Selectable channels
■ PLL synthesized oscillator type.
■ Powered by 2 AA batteries.
■ Equipped with 4P Mini XLR connector.
■ Compact, heavy duty plastic housing.
■ LED display.
■ PT-850Bmi offers a wireless solution for most musical instruments. 

CX-504 Headset Features:

■ Uni-direction for high-quality voice pick-up.
■ Excellent gain-before-feedback and noise isolation.
■ Lightweight for great freedom and mobility.
■ Ergonomic design for comfort.

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