KJB KJ-288

KJB KJ-288
Kode Produk: KJ-288
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
Harga: Rp 2.950.000

KJB KJ-288, Karaoke Player

KJB KJ-288 Karaoke player, includes 30.000 of karaoke songs in Indonesian, English and Mandarin .

KJB KJ-288 Karaoke player, menu display is easy and convenient in finding your favorite songs.

KJB KJ-288 Karaoke player, can select songs at karaoke and maximum 99 songs Reverse next song.

KJB KJ-288 Karaoke player, can connect with Ext Hardisk upto 1TB (optional)


- Key control: high / low tone.

- Tempo: fast / slow song.

- Melody: standard mild off strong.

This product can play the discs (discs) as follows:

discs (disc) MIDI large capacity (including the voices of the singers) and CD, VCD, MP3, SVCD, DVD, DVCD, CDG, WMA, MPEG4, DVD-9, DVD-R.

Video Output: s-video, composite video, component video

Output Video Systems: PAL, NTSC, PAL60, AUTO

Output Mode screen TV: 4: 3PS, 4: 3LS, 16: 9

Audio Output: Audio Output (5 + 1), Coaxial and Audio L / R (stereo)

Additional functions of the system KARAOKE:

Discs (disc) contains a high resolution image, the background moves.

Discs (disc) which dilengakpi singers voice and a lot of midi songs, dance music, songs of celebration and so forth.

More than one mode of musical effects to satisfy your different to enjoy music.

Digital karaoke, karaoke functions for the keynote.

Scoring function can be used for entertainment purposes.

Multi-function menu for the remote control.

Languages ​​from different countries installed in the system, making it easy for the user.

Multi function point of view, multi-sided fields, multi audio.

Back and forth in various levels, fast forward, slow motion and slower.

Programs zoom (zoom in / out), stop the resume function.

Designed with a low power consumption of only 25Watt power voltage: 90-220 VAC


Karaoke Player,KJB  KJ 288, Specifications :

TV System   Auto/NTSC/PAL

Video composite output   x1 , S-Video output   x1 , video component x1

L/R audio Output  x1 ,Coaxial audio output  x1 ,audio output decorder  5.1 channel

Mic input  x2 , echo , Full function remote      

Playback Format     :DVD / DVD + R / DVd + RW / VCD / CD / Mp3/ CD � R / CD � RW /


Power Requirement       :AC 110 � 220V 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption      : 25 W

High Horizontal Resolution : 500 Lines

Parental Lock & Multi Angle View

Weight                 :5 Kg (unit only )

Karaoke Player,KJB KJ288,  Dimensions ( W x H x D )  :430 x 93 x 220mm



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