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The DFX 256 is a studio quality, simple-to-use digital multi-effects device. The DFX 256 offers 16 of the digital effects most commonly used by audio professionals, such as reverb, delay, flanging and chorus effects. True 20-bit A/ D and D/ A converter and 24-bit digital processing deliver clean, wide frequency audio reproduction. Individual effects selection is accomplished with a digital display and two scroll buttons. Each effect provides 16 variations ( a total of 256 effects) to fit various applications and individual needs. A footswitch jack provides hands-free triggering for recording and live event use.


  • 255 effect programs available
  • Programs include reverb, delay, echo, flanger, chorus,
  • panning effects + effect combinations
  • 16 bit digital signal processing plus 16 bit AD/DA conversions
  • True stereo reverba,
  • Easy-to-read 2-digit LED display
  • Compact 1U rack mount
  • Optional Foot SW jack allows the user of a footswitch to mute the effect
  • Auto-bypass when power is off.

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